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 Bakelite Sheet Orange
 Bakelite Sheet Orange
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Specification of Bakelite Sheet Orange

Bakelite Sheet Orange, Phenolic Flat Orange, Pertinax Oren Sheet

Synthetic bakelite sheet: Paper impregnated with phenolic resins, by baking and hot pressing.
Bakelite sheet features: good electrical properties and good engine performance under room temperature, density 1.45 g / cm3, thinness ≤ 3 ‰, with excellent electrical, mechanical and processing properties. It can be used in transformer oil.

Bakelite sheet application:

Many apply to components on motors, electrical equipment and insulation systems that have high requirements on mechanical properties. It has good mechanical strength. This also applies to PCB backing sheet drilling, switch box distribution, fixture boards, mold plates, high voltage and low voltage distribution cabinets, packers, electric combs, motor, mold machines, PCBs, ICT equipment, forming machines, drilling machines, surfaces grinding plate, transformer oil.

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