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Specification of

-Standard size: 220cm x 120cm
-Size thickness: 2mm to 90mm (thickness above 60mm from 3 sponges in glue & press factory)
-Color: Various colors
-Motif: Diverse motives and innocence
-Standard hardness: 40-45 (Special hardness is available 60-65 & amp; 70-75)

Our Eva / Foam Ati Sponge products can be used for ingredients including:

- Hotel / slipper scandal
- Lining of shoes, helmets, bags, hats & amp; veil
-Decoration of aisle & amp; stage of the event
- Children's toys & amp; various souvenirs
- Layers of Futsal, boxing, judo, weightlifting, Aikido, Taekwondo, fitness & amp; yoga, swimming
- Archery / shooting target pads, driving range golf rugs, boxing samsak, martial body protector, fishing floats
-Protection / protection for motorbikes, furniture products during shipping expeditions
-Matras camping or fitness mat / yoga
- Layers of product packaging for spare parts, tablets, cellphones, souvenirs, cosmetics, artisan tools, stationery etc.
- Layers of letters appearing / advertising board
- Floor coating or pickup to put heavy equipment
- Soundproofing or vibration pads, agate grinding pads
- Coating for Handy talky gloves, pistols
- Coating for mouse pad, coasters, glasses
-Material for seal, packing, die cut material
- The giant cheats automatic car wash
- Ornamental ketupat or giant ketupat for display
-Hiasan children's walls
-Craft Bags & amp; children's hat
- Cosplay costume
-GRC Krawangan
-Electronic equipment & amp; automotive

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