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 Grey Polypropylene Sheet
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Specification of Grey Polypropylene Sheet

Product Specification Gray Polypropylene Sheets
gray polypropylene sheets PP gray brand Rochling sheet (sheet / plate) characteristics: Excellent welding and processing properties. Very good impact strength. Excellent chemical and corrosion resistance. Excellent formability. Good abrasion resistance and electrical properties. Light, non-toxic. Application: Polypropylene Gray Sheet PP gray sheet with high impact strength and superior strength and it's lower susceptibility to tension cracking is widely used in chemical, mechanical and electronic industries, for example tanks, Lab equipment, Etching equipment, Semiconductor processing equipment , Plating Barrels, machine parts, industrial doors, swimming pools and so on. Size: 1500mm x 3000mm (150cm X 300cm) Thickness: 3mm - 50mm

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