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insulflex insulation
insulflex insulation
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Specification of insulflex insulation

Specifications Insulflex Insulation
Selling Insulflex Insulation Sheet, insulflex insulation pipes (pipes, tubes, tubing, bars) Insulflex is a heavy elastomeric flexible and lightweight nitrile rubber material designed for thermal insulation. Insulflex insulation is generally black, other colors are available upon request. This product comes in tubes, roll and sheet form. The flexible extruded tubings are specially designed to fit the standard diameters of copper, steel and PVC pipings. Sheets are available in standard precut sizes or in rolls. Use in Insulflex insulation is an expanded closed cell structure providing the ideal and most efficient vapor barrier for the prevention of condensation and ice formation in cooling systems, cold water and refrigerant lines. Insulflex insulation also prevents slowing down heat loss for hot water pipes and heaters, dual temperature pipes and solar systems. This protects the pipe by acting as a vibration damper and provides protection against corrosion by the atmospheric and industrial environments. Insulflex insulation with the flexibility contained in it makes it suitable for insulation of large surface areas such as tanks, irregularly shaped vessels, air-ducts and large diameter pipes.

NEW Product Launches As a leader in the closed cell insulation industry, Insulflex will continue and continue to develop new technologies and equipment to meet market needs. Think isolation, think Insulflex. Made in Malaysia Other Rubber Raw Materials

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