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klingersil C-4243
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Specification of klingersil C-4243

Specification of klingersil C-4243

Klingersil C-4243 Gasket

Characteristics & Applications:

Main material universal gaskets for general applications. Gasket material for liquids and gases at lower pressures and temperatures. good chemical resistance to water and oil. KLINGER®SIL C-4243 also known as C4243.

Material :

Based on organic fibers bound to NBR.

Dimensions of a Standard Sheet:

Size: 1000 x 1500 mm, 1500 x 2000 mm Thickness: 0.5 mm, 1.0 mm, 1.5 mm, 2.0 mm, 3.0 mm; Other thicknesses and sizes on request. Tolerance: thickness of ± 10%, length ± 50mm, width ± 50mm.

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