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PA6G Natural ( Cast Nylon )
PA6G Natural ( Cast Nylon )
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Specification of PA6G Natural ( Cast Nylon )

Product Specification PA6G Natural (Cast Nylon)

PA6G Natural (Cast nylon) Yellow Ivory rods, sheets.

For their outstanding characteristics such as excellent wear & abrasion resistance and good load carrying capacity, these components are used for sprockets, screw times, gears, extrusion screws, ship segments and textiles. In addition, the components we offer are known for their commendable properties such as excellent tensile & compressive strength, low coefficient of friction and self lubrication.

Features: Dimension toughness and stability Wear resistance is good noiseless operation and smooth fine machinability

Application: Bushing Thrust washersWear strips Rollers Dough carriages Marine cams Gasket & Bearing packaging equipment

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